About Us

What we really do?

Our basic mission is to provide good quality IT services to our beloved Customers. At IslooTech we excel at developing tailored IT solutions for small to medium businesses, as well as onsite services for enterprise. Our staff prides themselves with offering the highest quality service and support. We have knowledge and expertise in IT infrastructure projects including server installation and network setups..

Our Vision

When we engage with our customers, we spend time to comprehensively understand the technology that they are using and how it works within there business. We tailor IT services depending on the business requirements of our clients. As a result we have been successful in providing exceptional business results that increase the productivity and efficiency of our clients businesses..

History of the Company

ISLOO TECH is the result of keen dedication and devotion, which provides Software / Hardware Development, Networking, WIFI Projects, Training & Consultancy Services. This company has been established with the basic concept to solve Information Technology Problems & to accelerate the pace of Hardware, Software & Consultancy Services and is unique of its kind in Islamabad.

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